Government Requirements & Procedures
For Island Civil Marriage License

a) A full abridged, birth certificate of both parties, proving the legality of same. These documents should be provided with a legalization and Authentication stamp commonly known as an “Apostille Stamp” or “Authentication Stamp”.

b) The “long version” or “unabridged” Birth Certificate always has the names of your parents listed on the birth certificate! Including maiden names. If not it is not valid for the marriage application!!!!!

c) Apostille Stamps are obtained from ones birthplace secretary of state office. If you are uncertain about the location of these offices, please let us know and we shall forward the relevant address to you.

d) Unmarried persons must present a declaration of marital status (unmarried certificate) not older than 3 months. This can be obtained from a notary and is a sworn letter which states that you or your spouse has never been married. This letter is stamped and signed by the notary and the applying couple, and must be Authenticated (Apostille).

e) Persons wishing to be married must be 18 years or older

f) Six (6) witnesses if marriage is performed outside the civil hall.

g) A clear passport copy of witnesses or birth certificate with picture ID

h) Witnesses must be 18 years and older

i) If widowed a death certificate with Apostille stamp

j) If divorced, an Original divorce certificate or a final judgment decree with an Apostille Stamp.

k) Persons of foreign Nationality require a valid passport

l) No residency period required, your local wedding planner stands on your behalf.

Note: Required documents should be in the possession of the local wedding planner, four (4) weeks prior to the actual wedding date for civil marriages.

Requirements & Procedures
for Religious / Symbolic MarriageĀ 

The following documents must be clear-legible copies:

  1. Copy of Bride Passport
  2. Copy of Bride Birth Certificate
  3. Copy of Original Marriage License
  4. Copy of Groom Passport
  5. Copy of Groom Birth Certificate

Note: Required documents should be in the possession of the local wedding planner, two (2) weeks prior to the actual wedding date for renewal of vows/symbolic marriages.

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